Home Sweet Home-Home Safe Home

Home Sweet Home… Home Safe Home  is an Injury Prevention and Risk Assessment program that is provided by Upper Valley Ambulance at no cost to you. Members of our staff will come to your home, fill out a health questionnaire, and assess your residence for any potential hazards. We will then sit down with you and discuss recommendations to help you spend your years comfortable and safe at home.

Please Don’t Fall

Please take a few minutes to learn how you can help prevent falls.

Falls are a serious problem for anyone, but if you or someone you know is over the age of 65 they are especially critical! Falls may result in injuries that are serious or life threatening. Even if injuries are not immediately life threatening, it can result in decreased mobility, decreased strength, and so on. These complications often make it difficult to carry on simply activities of daily living, and threaten the quality of life.


If you take three or more medications, your chance of having an adverse reaction increases. Make sure that your primary care physician knows which medications you are taking so he or she can advise you about harmful interactions. If a specialist gives you a new prescription, tell him or her what else you’re taking.


Foot problems or inappropriate footwear can contribute to falls and injury. Choose shoes with flat soles, such as sneakers. Heeled and slick soled shoes increase the changes of slipping or falling.


To help prevent injuries, you should exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise can contribute to an increase in functional independence and life expectancy, and may reduce the risk of heart disease, hip fractures, and depression. To prevent injuries your exercise regimen should include stretching and exercises to strengthen muscles in your arms and legs. Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.


Poor vision is often associated with falls. If you think your vision is failing, or you haven’t had your eyes checked in the last two years, you should make an appointment to see an optometrist.

Hazards Around The Home

Anything that cane cause you to trip is a hazard! Many older persons live in homes full of potential fall hazards that include slippery floors, loose carpeting, absence of hand rails, poor lighting and are rugs. To reduce the risk of falling, consider the following suggestions: Make sure carpets and other floor coverings are well secured. See to it that stairways and other potentially hazardous spots are brightly lit. A strong banister along all indoor and outdoor steps is essential. Please secure handrails near the bathtub and toilet. Have a bed side lamp or night light in your bedroom and hallway to make walking to the bathroom at night easier. Minimize clutter.

If you would like more information on:

  • Home Sweet Home…Home Safe Home
  • Life Line
  • UVA’s Subscription Service
  • Medic Alert
  • Assistive Adaptive Equipment
  • CPR and First Aid Training or would like to schedule an assessment, please contact us via phone during our regular office hours and we will be happy to assist you.